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With the sneak peek of the next Digimon Adventure finally here, you may see a spamload of high school Taichis on your dash :)

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While looking up references for a Digimon thing I noticed Digimon Adventure 02 totally took a side in the PC vs. Mac battle. And by “took a side” I mean anyone with a non-Mac laptop is a villain or used to be one.

I mean on the good side there’s Koushirou and his iconic…

Haha… doesn’t explain why everyone was using Windows in Our War Game, even Koushirou (aka Izzy for the Muricans)

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So I was reading Blue Exorcist 1 and saw this, “Who’s he Eminem?” Am I the only freaking one who saw this?

I wonder if it actually says Eminem in the Japanese version, or if the translators changed it to keep the joke (like, for example, in FLCL when they changed Cheerio to Crystal Pepsi, among other things).

It does actually say Eminem in the Japanese version!


エミネム…? = “e-mi-ne-mu…?”

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HBD for Naruko kun~

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Profile Pic Crushes - taiki14x (this was screencapped a long time ago)

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