not a lot of people ship seigou and if they do they don’t care enough to post about it. it makes me really sad cus they are so cute, who cares that they are a straight pairing? i don’t. i ship based on chemistry not sex. they are adorable and sei has the cutest crush on her ever and plus he’s the only straight guy on the show so she can only be with him! so why isn’t there more stuff for them???

they are adorable &  damn right he’s the only straight boy in this whole show

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Poor Brazil…

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ワッフル ダンス | ぽてー [pixiv]

I love Piti Yindee's Wuffle! A hilarious and heartwarming webcomic:

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pixelgardens: how do you save gifs from pixiv? ;u;


They are not gifs, but rather animations, so I actually just save the frames, then make them a gif (sorry if it was messy btw), but here’s a how to get the frames since it can be a little bit tricky:

  • Save this code in a bookmark “javascript:window.location=pixiv.context.ugokuIllustFullscreenData.src;”
  • Go to the work you’d like to take the frames from, i’ll use this one
  • On the same tab, click on the bookmark you just saved and it should download a .zip file
    Save it.
  • Unzip the file in a different folder and it should contain all the frames in the animation:
  • And all that’s left is to make them a gif, i’m not exactly the best gif maker out there, but here’s the tutorial I learned from

I hope that helps!

Hope this site helps :) Just paste the Illust URL and click Submit!

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Shout out to oswaldlopear for being my 300th follower! Thanks so much to all the followers out there :)

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