According to Google Maps, these guys are native to Singapore.

Omg I thought I saw something at Marina Bay haha

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Happy birthday Kintarou!!

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sorry, had to do it

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Google is doing a pokedex challenge thing! its super cool check it out, basically google maps is filled with Pokemon all over the place, and you have to find the location of all of them! I’ve been playing it for like 20 mins now and its amazing. Probably wont be on for too long, so tell your friends about it before it goes away.


Now we know why there’s no Pokemon game for smartphones… Google’s already on it :D

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デジでモンなまとめ | TKG [pixiv]  (<- click to view all 35 pics, featuring the first 4 Digimon seasons!)

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Just watched Frozen (I’m always a belated watcher lol) and I found this crossover gem. Forgot how awesome Frozone was :)

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Regarding Frozencest.


The entire point of the movie was the significance and beauty of the bond of sisterly love and the strength of positive and healthy family relationships. And with Frozencest (Elsanna), all of that beauty is subverted.

Like, just stop.

Just watched the movie. Are Frozencest shippers trolls or what? I mean…

1. The Love Experts have a very broad definition of “true love” (maybe not that broad, but certainly sincere)

2. Anna kissed Kristoff!!11!1!1 *storms away with ice on his trail*

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There is only suffering.

(I swear my storytelling is flawless.)

This is the most heart-breakingly adorable thing I have ever seen. 

Forgive me. For a moment I thought Leona’s a female Gold Saint…

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