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The silhouette of a 14-year old Hikari has been leaked! (x)

A HQ image will be uploaded when available.

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Its’Demo x Pokemon collaboration display.

Hipster Pikachu is so cute!

I prefer Hipster Ariel but this is electrifying

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来年25周年! 776と外伝は省きました

Neat!  But why is Raquesis listed as a troubadour?

Poor Gaiden and Thracia

Because she wants to bang her brother.

…why is Eirika not in the sister slot for Sacred Stones?  Or is that a spoiler in which case don’t explain

I feel like the poster (who’s a Japanese person learning English) may have meant it in the sense of young woman. The column seems to be for wyvern knights, anyway.

Ah, gotcha.  It occurred to me after I posted that it might have been referring to a sister as in a nun too…but I’m still too new to this franchise and also that doesn’t make sense because that’d be Natasha’s role I think

There’s surprisingly a slight history of wyvern riders being clergy at some point: Minerva after the game, Cherche before the game. Nothing like troubadours and brother banging though.

Wolt perhaps… but Will? Everyone with a dong is eligible for the ‘shota’ tag lol

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High schooler

With the sneak peek of the next Digimon Adventure finally here, you may see a spamload of high school Taichis on your dash :)

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While looking up references for a Digimon thing I noticed Digimon Adventure 02 totally took a side in the PC vs. Mac battle. And by “took a side” I mean anyone with a non-Mac laptop is a villain or used to be one.

I mean on the good side there’s Koushirou and his iconic…

Haha… doesn’t explain why everyone was using Windows in Our War Game, even Koushirou (aka Izzy for the Muricans)

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